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Episode 2: COVID-19 And Nothing To Do

Episode 2: COVID-19 And Nothing To Do


Well hello there and good morning! This is Dr. Tovar, founder of Invictus4Core addiction clinic. Today is a wonderful day, it’s April 16th, 2020 and it’s in the morning. It’s been a nice morning, a little bit colder out, but nevertheless a great day!

Today’s topic is COVID-19: Nothing to do. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Alright guys, so today’s topic COVID-19, obviously we live in a different world that has changed people’s lives in so many ways. It has changed the economy, the way we do things every day, and the way that I have been seeing my patients every day. So there is no doubt that it has changed people and changed the way we do things moving forward.

However, one theme has been very common around my patients over the last few weeks and that has been that there is nothing to do! Which I disagree with, especially with the setting that we are living in right now.

It is imperative, in other words it is to your benefit, that you see the opportunity here and you see the opportunity to improve yourself. So when else in life are you going to have dedicated time in life to work on you and bettering yourself as a person, husband, father, brother, sister? When are you going to have time to work on financials and develop a budget? When are you going to have time to work on your health and wellness? When was the last time that you took a walk for 15 minutes?

Anyways, I’m saying all of this because I hope that you guys are not wasting your time just drifting and binging shows or whatever it is that you do with your spare time. I hope you see that there is opportunity here and are not waiting until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted to move on with your life.

I mean, here’s a great example of an opportunity right in front of you: I mean most people think “Oh, I’ll do X, Y, and Z tomorrow. Or I’ll do it next week. I’ll start looking for employment when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted”

No! You’re missing the fact that the greatest opportunity lies in the present. Quit waiting for a miracle to happen. Quit waiting for Donald Trump to send you a second stimulus check. That’s not going to be your saving grace.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with money.Some people think money is evil and I’m thinking “No, the money isn’t evil. Money is a potential magnifier of who you are inside.” You know, if you are greedy, money will likely magnify that greediness in you. If you are generous, then likely you are going to share some of that money with those around you. So money in itself is not evil. It is a necessity that we all have.

Anyways, going back to our topic of COVID-19 and having nothing to do, I think that is not at all what you guys should be doing. I think that you should be looking at ways to improve.

We have this wonderful tool in our office that is called the journal where you look at your 4 core areas. This asks what are some things I should be working on in my personal life? Am I being a good father? Am I being a good husband? How can I improve my marriage? Is it okay? Is being okay enough? Why can’t I make it better? Am I being a good father? Am I setting a good example? These are things we talk about in our journal.

Wellness for example: Am I drinking water everyday? It’s just these simple things that you can do every day that will improve dramatically how you feel about your body and yourself. Do I take a walk every day? A mile walk probably takes about 20 minutes, or 30 if you’re walking real slow but it doesn’t take a long time. You can even start with half a mile! It doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing something to improve yourself everyday.

My point here is that the potential for changing your life lies in the present: In this day, in this morning, in this hour, and in this minute. And if you’re not able to see that then no amount of medication is going to improve that for you.

I could have a team of doctors working on your addiction issues or your health and it’s not going to matter because you’re not seeing the potential that you have laying right in front of you, which is the present.

Stop living in the past, the past is gone. Stop living in the future. Stop waiting for the future. Stop waiting for a miracle. Stop hoping for things to change.

We don’t hope at Invictus4Core. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with hope or miracles. I believe in God and I believe in miracles and hope for things but if that’s all that you are doing then you are missing out on the potential of the present and the potential of doing one simple thing a day.

That could change your life forever.

Well I hope you enjoyed this brief episode. I hope this gets you motivated to change some patterns in your life or at least start writing about them so we can start talking about them in the clinic

But essentially that’s what will change your outlook on life. Your future is doing things in the present. Walking, journaling, thinking about how am I going to change and improve? Are you tracking how you are doing?

So, you gotta have some accountability in this, otherwise it’s not going to work.

Alright guys, we will see you on the next episode. I hope you’re doing well and staying safe and healthy. Stay at home, don’t gather with other people unless you have to. And if you do, wear a mask and some gloves. But I hope that you don’t get out.

See you guys, stay safe and I’ll see you on the next episode! Jesus Tovar